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[2023] Group Exhibition | Drawing it Out

Drawing It Out
Group Exhibition

ANNEX Kirstin Arndt Alan Butler John Cronin

Damien Flood Mark Joyce Arno Kramer

Caroline McCarthy Niamh McCann Fergus Martin

Peter Piller Bridget Riley Nigel Rolfe

Drawing It Out is the title of Green On Red Gallery's summer 2023 exhibition featuring new and recent work by gallery and invited artists in multiple media. The exhibition opens on Thursday, 13 July and runs to the end of August. While the title suggests the medium of drawing - the root and beginning of many artists' practices - it also can have nothing to with works on paper or even work that is hand-wrought. The viewer is invited to ' work it out ' to arrive at a clear grasp of the painting, photograph, drawing or installation in front of them. Typically in Drawing it Out the viewing is amplified and extended in a multitude of ways.