zero-degree machine

[2022] Installation | Transmediale: Abandon all hope ye who enter here

[curator's statement]

Challenging ideas of technology as smooth and seamless, transmediale’s new exhibition abandon all hope ye who enter here explores the toxicity of computationally constructed damage in our everyday lives. It brings together nine artists and collectives whose work examines how dysfunction and its instrumentalisation is central to the logic and operation of technology. From mineral extraction, heat generating desires, anxiety-inducing doom scrolls, false technological promises, dark patterns and the persistence of colonial labels, the exhibition asks; what possibilities of refusal exist for confronting the broken realities of technology? Playing with Dante’s notion of the Inferno, the exhibition questions the organising principles of computation and the algorithmic values of classification, isolation, and reasoning.

Featuring work by Annex, Ibiye Camp, Cihad Caner, Tianzhuo Chen, Stine Deja, Constant Dullaart, Lo-Def Film Factory, Alaa Mansour, and The Underground Division.